Modernising Your Bedroom

Many people would say that the master bedroom is the most important part of any house, especially for those who take an interest in interior design. The bedroom’s importance really comes down to two factors. Firstly, it’s a part of your house in which you spend a great deal of time on a daily basis – you go to sleep there, you wake up and get dressed there, and you might also spend leisure time there if you enjoy watching TV in bed. Secondly, and most importantly, the bedroom is innately personal and is normally out of view of visitors. This means that you can indulge your wackiest design ideas without worrying about the taste of others. So, if you want to give your bedroom a modern kick, read on for 3 inspirational tips.

Choose the Right Bed

Of course, the focal point of the bedroom is the bed. As such, most budding designers will spend a great deal of time picking out a model which appeals to them. Getting the right bed is important – after all, it must be functional as well as beautiful – but you should try not to get bogged down in the details when there are so many other factors to consider, which together have a much greater cumulative effect. For a minimalist effect, consider a low-slung bed frame which lacks a headboard. Metallic frames are the most modern-looking, whilst more conservative decorators might prefer a plain white composite offering. Whichever way you go, be aware that you can soften the look with careful use of cushions. These can give a more traditional edge to your bed.

Spice Up Your Curtains

Curtains are often overlooked as a facet of any room’s design. In fact, given that they are used to cover or frame sources of natural light, they deserve a little more thought than they are usually given. To create a contemporary feel, choose either a plain white fabric or a heavily patterned one, and pair with eyelet headings. Consider the placement of your curtains carefully – short, squat windows can be lengthened by hanging them 6 inches or more above the frame. Lastly, if you want modern function to go along with your modern looks, take a look at some electric curtain tracks.

Storage Solutions

Again, this aspect of bedroom design is one which is often overlooked. But in reality, storage is one of the key functions performed by your bedroom. After all, you probably keep all of your clothes and a great deal of other things in there! So you need to take storage solutions into account when considering the layout of the room. A minimalist feel can be accentuated with the aid of low-profile cupboards. Choose open-faced drawers and paint them so that they blend in with the walls. The idea is that your storage is as inconspicuous as possible. If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you have a little more freedom to experiment. The transition to this new ‘room’ enables you to change the mood slightly.

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