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Interior Colours

Colour is very powerful. It has been proven to affect our moods, our thoughts, and our behaviours. Therefore, choosing the right paint colour is crucial in maintaining the sanctuary of your home. While most people do not spend a lot of time pondering how they want to feel in each room of our homes, the next time you’re considering putting a fresh coat of paint on a room, put some more thought into it. The Meaning of Interior Colours – What colours make you happy or sad? Here we look at the meaning of colours and show you how colours can change your mood.

Follow these tips to choose a the right colour scheme for your home:

Blue. Blue is a soothing colour that calms the mind and eases tension, which is why it is often used in bedrooms. It has a soothing quality and can help people get to sleep. When searching for the perfect blue for your bedroom, opt for a soft, neutral shade of blue instead of a vibrant one to achieve a spa-like, relaxing feel.

Violet. Violet, a shade of blue, is known to bring peace into a room. Shades of violet reflect light well and add depth and richness. Shades of violet are frequently used in bedrooms and bathrooms for the peaceful feelings they evoke.

Green.  Symbolizing nature, green is visually soothing and therapeutic. Green can be warm and cool at the same time, which makes it easy to look at and ideal for both bedrooms and living areas.

Red. Red is an emotionally intense colour that can be associated with energy, power, and love; but alone it tends to increase your blood pressure. That doesn’t mean stay away from red altogether. It works well as an accent color as it is stimulating and strengthening.

Yellow. Yellow is a bright colour associated with joy and happiness, but stark shades of yellow can make you feel anxious. Keep your shades of yellow strictly to transitional areas of your home, like entrance ways and hallways.

White. White has a positive connotation that we often compare to perfection. Because we see typically see it in doctor’s offices and hospitals, we associate the colour white with safety and purity, as well as cleanliness and positivity. Too much white can leave a room feeling sterile, so use it in rooms with colour for balance.

With all of the activities we take on daily, anxiety and stress are common themes that are prevalent in our homes. Your home is your sanctuary. It should include tranquil, serene colours that improve your mental health and well-being. Use this interior house painting advice from the professionals and find yourself relaxing inside the comfort of your own home.

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