Things You Might Forget When Remodelling

So you want to remodel your home, huh? What are you thinking? A grand foyer into your home with a marble staircase? A new, expansive kitchen that would make a professional chef blush? Maybe a plush new bathroom with whirlpools and multiple showers and a gold-plated toilet? All right, maybe not quite so extravagant, but no doubt you’re thinking big. You should be because remodeling your home is about giving you a new feel in your old home and maybe even about opting for more space. Even if you’re just adding on to a specific part of your home or building a garage, you’re likely thinking bigger is better. For the most part, this is true. However, there’s a time during a remodeling project when you need to think small… very small.

Screws (or nails)

Yeah, they may come in many sizes, but for the most part screws, nails, and other fasteners are small. Whether you’re putting up framing for a new section of the house or just putting up new drywall, everything would come crumbling down without screws. Avoid lumber-based carnage; make sure you have plenty of screws on hand to keep things from falling apart… literally.


Almost any remodel requires some kind of electrical work… unless you’re a cave-dweller who hates the light. If you’re a fan of sunshine, you know you’ll need some kind of fancy lighting fixture and probably another outlet or two. If you’re going to be rewiring and adding to a circuit, you’ll want to have fuses that can blow to prevent your house from exploding in a fireball all caused by a simple spark. Oh, and remember light bulbs too.


What, did you think you were just going to screw the new cabinet doors on? If you’re going for the ever-popular decorative cabinet, screws are a viable option. But if you’re normal and want functionality out of them, you’ll need hinges to keep things moving. You could also just prop the door in place every time you wanted to use the restroom, but that might not go over with your houseguests, unless you’re friends with very open people (and more power to you if you are).


Ever try to open a drawer of a dresser without a knob or handle? There’s a high risk of finger-pinching danger. Don’t let yourself be the person who must walk around with bandages on your fingers because your fingers are covered in blood blisters. Plus, knobs and handles are practical, can also be decorative and go with a motif. It’s crazy how these things work.

Shelf pins

Who needs shelves? You’re the type of person that stores abnormally tall items in your new cabinets, right? Sure you are. Other people, on the other hand, like to use shelves to divide up the storage area of a cabinet. But see, shelves are lazy and don’t like to hold themselves up, so instead, they rely on these crazy little contraptions called shelf pins. They’re revolutionary and you’ll love them.

Whether you’re redoing the master bath or building an apartment above the garage for your mother-in-law, you’re going to need all manner of small fixtures. When you’re taking a spin around your local home store and deciding between oak and cherry or glass block and crank windows, make sure you’ve got all the fasteners and gizmos you need to finish the job.

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