Photos of Your Life

If you are of a certain age there will probably be a bag of photographs lurking in your home somewhere. There are always family pictures that some people want to just disappear but it’s always good fun to have a rake through them.

Things have definitely changed though with mobile phones being our main cameras of choice and instead of getting them developed we tend to post them on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than getting some family pictures about the place so it is always a nice idea to get some pictures up.

If you are hoping to have some physical copies of your favourite pictures you can still get them to brighten up your home or to gift to your family and loved ones. Here are some of the best options that can help you get your pictures printed.


Why not take it back to the old school and get a Poloroid camera which prints straight away. You can get brand new or refurbished cameras but be warned, the film that lets you print straight away can be quite expensive so you won’t want to waste any shots.

Digital Frame

Why not pick a selection of your favourite pictures and load them onto a digital frame. This will then let you have a slide show of all your favourite pictures. You can pick these up for decent prices these days and having the ability to load a number of photos and add new ones means it will always have up to date pictures.


Take advantage of online printing companies like Photobox to get your pictures printed onto a number of things. You can get standard prints or things like mugs, cushions, t shirts and more. It is a great option and wonderful for a gift.

Home Printing

With technological developments meaning home printers are of such a high quality, it means we now have the facility to print pictures at home. Photo paper to print on can be expensive as can printer ink so if you are planning to print a lot of things you might be better going to a professional company.

High Street Printing

In a lot of supermarkets or stores like Boots you can take in USB sticks or even connect straight to the internet to find the images you want to print. This is a lot closer to the older way we used to go to get films developed and it can help to cut costs if you are getting a number of pictures.

It is great for family or friends around the world to be able to see updates online but there is nothing quite like getting a picture printed. Having the option to take advantage of both is great and because printed images aren’t as common now they can be a great gift.

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