Create the Dream Bedroom

We all have an ideal bedroom – the one with the billowing white curtains, a huge bed with sumptuous linens and freshly ironed Egyptian cotton sheets and cashmere blankets stored in an old oak blanket box. For most of us the reality is very different. So how can you achieve your own oasis of calm? Read the tips from Furniture Plus to help you transform your bedroom.

Declutter, Destress

The first step in bringing a sense of peace to your bedroom is to declutter. You don’t have to throw things out, just remember that less is more. Use your existing storage to clear floor space and create a beautiful blank canvas for yourself.

Keep Calm With Colour

Calming neutrals are the most sympathetic colour scheme for a bedroom. Try shades of white, ecru, and camel for a bedroom that whispers luxury and comfort. Deeper tones of caramel are ideal for a more intimate bedroom. Or go Scandi with shades of palest blue which are thought to slow the heart rate and may even reduce blood pressure.

If you have gorgeous old floorboards hiding under your worn out carpets, then let them shine. Beautiful rugs look wonderful and provide soundproofing if noise is an issue.

Feed Your Senses

Art, music, conversation, perfume, beautiful linens – every sense can enhance those feelings of peacefulness and tranquillity. Ban the TV and instead try talking to your partner about what’s important to you in life. Luxuriate in the feel of cottons and cashmere. Invest in the perfect pillow. This is your space, so fill it with sensations that you love.

Open the Window

The optimal temperature for sleep is probably cooler than you think, at around 18 degrees. So consider opening a window to let the night air circulate. Cotton is cooling and doesn’t cling like silk and high thread count pure cotton sheets feel amazingly good to sleep in.

If an open window equals disturbing street sounds, then invest in a gorgeous retro fan and let the gentle whirr of the blades soothe you to sleep.

Go Analogue

It’s proven that blue light from phones and other digital devices can disturb sleep, so make your sanctuary is an analogue only zone. Use black out blinds if you want to keep your window dressings light and gauzy, otherwise opt for luxuriant, heavily lined curtains. The darker your bedroom, the better you’ll sleep.

Dress Up, Dress Down, Add an Oak Blanket Box

The bed should be the centrepiece of any boudoir. Headboards can seem old fashioned but not if you think on a grand – and very contemporary – scale. Then pile the bed high with cushions and pillows and add throws in luxe materials like cashmere and silks.

Dress your bed with the best bed linen you can afford, and change the sheets often. You can keep extra linens, blankets and cushions in a storage piece at the foot of the bed – an oak blanket box fits beautifully with most schemes and can do double duty as a bed bench. These pieces are as functional as they are aesthetic.

Consider A Canopy

There’s something about sleeping under a bed canopy that is at the same time sumptuous and yet cosy. A canopy can be anything from a simple frame draped in gauzy curtains for an airy yet extravagant feel, to the full opulence of glamorous drapery. Add a canopy and you’ll create a place of escape whilst feeling like royalty.

Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll soon be sleeping better than ever in the peaceful sanctuary you always dreamed of.

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